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Austrian Society of Tumor Orthopaedics

About us

The aim of Amsos is above all to promote research, further education and the development of guidelines in the field of tumour treatment. Our focus is always on improving patient care.

In addition, we are a platform for exchange between physicians, specialists and other stakeholders as well as interested parties. Our regular activities and events offer opportunities for networking and promoting progress and education.

The Society



Interdisciplinary and interprofessional cooperation between all tumor-treating departments in Austria with the aim of guaranteeing the best possible treatment of patients


Establish training guidelines for working as a tumor orthopedist


Platform for associated disciplines (radiology, pathology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, oncology, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, pediatrics)


Promotion of science in tumor orthopedics on the basis of the Vienna Bone Tumor Register


Specification of guidelines based on scientific findings for diagnosis and treatment in tumor orthopedics (training criteria)


Promotion of training and further education in the field of tumour orthopaedics with the aim of establishing a training course for the qualification as a tumour orthopaedic


Linking and maintaining national and international contacts


Establishment of fellowships for tumor orthopedics with the aim of standardized diagnosis and therapy of skeletal and soft tissue tumors


Organisation of regular events