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18.11.2019 : 1:44

33rd EMSOS Meeting Graz 2020

The 33rd Annual EMSOS-Meeting and 21st EMSOS Nurse and Allied Professions Group Meeting will be held 2020 in Graz, Austria.

Date: 13th of May - 15th of May 2020

Location: Graz, Austria

Main Topics: 

  • Limb sparing surgery vs. amputation
  • Liquid biopsy
  • New guidelines and EMSOS studies on sarcoma
  • Proton & carbon ion treatments for sarcoma
  • Treatment of infected megaprostheses
  • What's new in the systemic treatment of soft tissue sarcomas?
  • Oligometastases: should they be treated differently?
  • Statistics and sarcomas: how can modern statistics be useful?
  • Difficult case discussion
  • Sarcoma research: new mouse models, in vitro 3D sarcoma models
  • Personalized medicine for sarcoma?
  • The role of pathology in the era of next generation sequencing
  • Nursing aspects of bone and soft tissue tumours (wound management, shared decision making, rehabilitation, palliative care)

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