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10/20/2019 : 12:29 am

The Society

Österreichische Gesellschaft für Tumororthopädie
(Austrian Musculoskeletal Oncology Society)

The Society, whose business is non profit making, aims for:

  • Interdisciplinary and inter professional co-operation between all the departments in Austria, to guarantee patients the best possible treatment
  • Pinpointing the educational guide lines for the profession as an oncologist
  • A platform for associated fields (radiology, pathology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, oncology, plastic surgery, vascular surgery, paediatrics)
  • Sponsorship of science in oncology based on the Vienna Bone Tumour Registry
  • To give guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment in oncology (educational criteria) based on scientific knowledge
  • Promoting education and further education in the field of oncology with the target of establishing an educational course for the qualification as an oncologist
  • Forming and maintaining international and national contacts
  • Founding fellowships in oncology with the target of a standardised diagnosis and therapy of skeletal and soft tissue tumours
  • Organising events on a regular basis